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Welcome to the Apocalypse Not website. Like the game it’s also a work in progress.

Apocalypse Not is a post zombie apocalypse game set in a randomly generated city. Each city will contain several types of buildings each with their own benefits.

At the present time the game is in Alpha and is free to download and try. Currently the plan is to release a new version each week on Sunday with something updated, fixed, or new.

The game is pretty bare bones at the moment but keep checking in each week as there is something new each time. If you look down slightly from here, you’ll notice that there is a list of things added in the current version and a list of things to be added in the next version.

I’m doing my best to get everything in the ‘to be added’ section, finished each week. I set my goals high and I generally only get about 90% of it done satisfactorily.

Newly Added:

· Laboratory is now loaded with spawners

· Max Zombies have been increased for each difficulty level

· Melee crosshair has been added

· Skill System added

· New Melee Weapon - Bat

· New Rifle  -  Scout Sniper

· New Pistol  -  Glock 17

Current Version: 0.0.25

Recently Fixed:

· Gun zoom doesn’t return to normal after switching weapons  -  Fixed

· Model issues in police station  -  Fixed

· Glass breaking sound not playing  -  Fixed

· Zombies floating  -  Fixed

· Tables not colliding properly in Lab  -  Fixed

To be Added:

· Game Saving

· Research System

Known Issues:


Next Version: Beta 1

Apocalypse Not